Thursday, 12 February 2009


My definition of a vector is probably different from the majority, but thats cause I'm ignorant.  Any ways, I learned how to make vectors in Photoshop, so obviously I had to play around and I decided to make a Wild ARMs 3 fanart of Virginia into a vector.  I think it turned out decent.  


Heh, by linking this, now everyone knows my other alias.  Oh well, its not like I was trying to hide it really.  I'd rather have people that know me as Talentless Troll know that I'm Rogutaan than the other way around.  Talentless Troll is my 4chan name, whereas Rogutaan is my more innocent side.

Anyways, got a deviant watch from a big Wild ARMs fan, which is pretty cool.  Its more or less motivated me to finish a fanart I began ages ago when I first finished WA3.  My art style's changed, re: I've gotten better at drawing, since when I started it, so hopefully the styles won't clash.  

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