Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Review - MØUSE

So first anime mini-review:  MØUSE

First off, this is a fanservice anime.  I'm quite ashamed at how much I enjoyed the series.  By enjoy I don't mean it was really good, just that I had fun watching it.  Its far from being good.

Sorata Muon, has a secret identity: Mouse.  Mouse is a master thief, he can steal anything, even his motto is "There isn't anything Mouse can't steal."  Mouse has three buxom sidekicks, Mei, Hazuki and Yayoi.  Each one is in love with Mouse and always try to seduce him whenever given the chance.  In the beginning I really believed Mouse was gay by his reactions to the girls.  Mouse and the three girls all work as professors at college which also acts as Mouse's hideout.  Also present are three students which are in Mouse's class, and all seem to have a crush on Mouse, especially Michiko who actually has a few dates with Mouse, always on a day Mouse has announced he'll steal something.

The episodes are 15 minutes long, but really every two episodes should be condensed into one complete episode.  Each episode tells half a story arc.  For instance, in the first episode the chief inspector challenges Mouse to steal the newly constructed Odaiba Tower.  The second episode is when he actually steals it.  Then the third episode he declares the next item he'll steal, and the next episode he steals it, and so forth.  No actual plot comes in until the very end when Mouse's rival Woof comes in.  The resolution is quite anticlimactic.  

I watched the series dubbed.  The voices weren't atrocious, but there were some bad voice overs, especially Michiko.  Her voice was kind of graining.  Other voices are the standard issue anime dub voices.  I apparently missed out in the Japanese voices, since in the final episode an Idol was the voice actress of one of the characters.  Oh well.

Really the most memorable parts were the times Mouse's subordinates try to seduce him.  They were just there for fanservice and quick laughs, but the story really wasn't that awesome.  The series probably could have been better if there was more plot.  I mean, technically the series only had 6 episodes.  I know there are quite a few series that have that many episodes that have complete stories, but I just feel there should be more episodes to finish this series.  The series was based off a manga, so maybe the manga goes deeper?  Unfortunately the series has just started being scanlated into English so I can't compare the two, however I am currently downloading the chapters that have been translated.  I'll make another post when/if the series gets finished scanlated.

Overall, the fanservice really made the series, as the plot is nearly nonexistent and anticlimactic.  Despite that I did enjoy the series, it just feels like its missing something.  I wouldn't put it in my top list, but it wasn't really that bad either.   Decent enough, but not great.  If you get a chance to watch, and have nothing better to do it'll waste a few hours.  Don't go out of your way to see it though.

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