Friday, 8 April 2011

MegaCon 2011

MegaCon was like two weeks ago... I've been too busy with classwork to post the pictures. Now I have the time, so here we go.

We'll start with the Lego displays. They were pretty cool this year. The Super Hero stuff was getting old, so its a nice change.

(Click on pictures to see full size).

A very violent Operation Overlord done in Lego. I like the random pairs of legs without bodies littered around.

There will always be the Star Wars scenes at any convention, but this one was pretty original I think. This is the scene where Luke blows up the Death Star from whatever movie that happens in (I haven't watched Star Wars in years).

There's the big pirate ship, and then two Lego girls sunbathing on the beach in the background. The girl in the water better get out, there's a big sea serpent in the water. This picture came out kind of bad and artifact-y.

I honestly don't remember ANY of Fantasia, but I thought this was pretty neat. Its fitting since the convention is in Orlando, and DisneyWorld is like 10 minutes away at most.

This picture didn't come out too well either. This is a little medieval fantasy town right outside the castle. I like the stone henge thing with the ogres. Or maybe the army of dwarves.

Here's the castle mentioned in the previous picture. The serpent and the sharkman are my favorite parts.

Another view of the castle. In front of the dragon is a skeleton of a horse. I didn't even know there were Lego horse skeletons.

Here's some like, futuristic geo-dome thing. Amongst the people playing soccer there are aliens. There are a few people climbing the outside of the structure, I'm guessing they're supposed to be maintenance workers or something.

Just a better closeup shot of the scene.

This is by far my favorite part of the Lego display. Its Jurassic Park. They recreated quite a few scenes of the movie.

The main focus of this picture was supposed to be the car, but the green kind of blends in with the ground behind the car. I have no idea what that dinosaur in the front is supposed to be.

This is a recreation of the beginning of the move where the triceratops is dying. In front of the triceratops, where you can see the flash is a mound of brown. I think its supposed to be the triceratops feces, just like from the movie.

The infamous scene where the T-Rex eats the guy on the toilet. The Lego T-Rex is really cool. I want one...

I have no idea... The aliens are abducting the triceratops.

Alright, thats all for the Lego, now on to what everyone was waiting for, the cosplays.

First off the Assassin's Creed guy. I have yet to play the game despite having it. I like how the sun blocks out his face. That was unintentional. The guy's costume is nice, theres a lot of detail in it.

Sander Cohen and random Splicer. Sander Cohen is awesome, he's my favorite character from Bioshock (granted there are only like 5 characters in the game...).

Shiek really is a girl, at least in this case (I'm of the opinion that Shiek is a guy in the games). Also, having never played Majora's Mask, I have no idea what that thing is supposed to be. Is it Majora? As far as I'm aware, that is Majora's Mask its wearing.

This was pretty cool. Its all the equipment Link carries around in the games. I wish I got a picture of him later when he was actually carrying it all around the floor.

Poor Luigi. He gets shafted. No Yoshi for him. I mean, come one. Daisy gets a Yoshi, why doesn't Luigi? He's more important than she is!

My sister and I always talk about how far a costume has to go before its furry. I honestly don't know about this one. It is a full suit, but its Bowser... I dunno.

Rydia from Final Fantasy VI. Its a bad angle, but I guess that plushie she's holding is supposed to be the Mist Dragon.


Not entirely sure if she's supposed to be Esmerelda from Hunchback of Notre Dame, or just a random belly dancer. Regardless, at least she is happy and enjoying herself.

Random wizard dude. He's not very enthusiastic.

The Men in Black. The dog is the sole reason for taking this picture. I'm kind of curious who the kid is in relation to the man.

This guy was pretty cool. Some sort of Marine from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. I don't know anything about the Warhammer series. He had quite a few talismans with text written on them, there were a few on his back too, but the picture I took of his backside didn't turn out at all. This guy was pretty much stuck standing at the entryway all day. Every time he tried to move, someone else would want to take a picture.

During MegaCon, there was a cheerleader convention (somehow there always is every year...). A whole bunch of cheerleaders they're picture taken with him. Must have been awkward.

The old lady and the skeleton thing from Howl's Moving Castle. I haven't seen Howl's Moving Castle in a loooong time so I don't remember names or anything.

Random Klingon. I'm kind of curious how he made the forehead.

Sakura form Card Captor Sakura.

There is some unwritten law that there must always be a fat Sailor Senshi. Venus fills that role this year. At least Jupiter(?) counterbalances it. And Tuxedo Mask is pretty neat, although the hat looks a bit small for his head.

Random Steampunk people. They really were random in that they weren't together, but they were walking through the same aisle about ten feet from each other that I thought they were together.

Velma from Scooby Doo. She has the right build for Velma, although I think her bust size is a little big.

Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I like that the costume is obviously hand made.

Kid Robin walking into the picture of Speed Racer, with a dorky looking Link in the background. A 3-in-1 shot!

I've never seen a Jack Skelington cosplay.

Damn Spiderman, trying to always be the center of attention! Though to be honest, I might have already taken a picture of the Iron Man at a previous convention.

Another Steam Punk guy. His Bionic Hand was pretty cool. Too bad it turned out a bit blurry.

Yeah... Um... yeah....


A very unique costume. Never seen one before, probably won't see another.

Thats all the cosplay pictures, now on to the stuff we bought.

Angevon bought these little Pokemon finger puppets. She tells me they are (from left to right) Feraligatr, Omastar, Seadra, and Murkrow.

I bought these Ultraman toys. The look to be something like from McDonald's toys. Sorry Ultraman, but I think you can't fit into your space ship, and that the Lobsterman is going to snap your head off. Yes I have no faith in the hero. It should be noted I've never watched Ultraman.

I also bought this Gundam toy. There was quite a bit of assembly required, and his butt keeps falling off. The picture makes it look really big, but its really about the same size of the Lobsterman of the previous picture. I have also never watched Gundam.

Why did I buy stuff from shows I've never watched? Basically since they were inexpensive, and they're pretty cool.

Thats all for MegaCon 2011.