Monday, 16 August 2010

Battle Angel Alita

I'm trying to use my blog more often, so here goes.

A friend of mine on Twitter recently had watched the Battle Angel Alita movie (whatever its called, I think its just Battle Angel, because the translaters changed Alita's name to Gally, so it wouldn't make sense to be called Battle Angel Alita, people would be like "wtf there's no character named Alita"). So, yeah.  He watched the movie and enjoyed it, which is cool.  Anyhow, I had watched it a few months back.  I honestly don't remember much about it, but I do know I liked it, so much that I wanted to get the manga, but I kind of forgot about that.  That is until my friend watched it, and I decided to check if Ebay had the manga, and bam they did.

And I won!  Its the older editions it seems.  Theres a graphic novel version, which is really just a reprint.  What I won is the original issues form.  Its all the issues of the first five parts.  I'm quite excited.  

There were 5 auctions in total.  All for 99 cents.  I'm waiting for the seller to determine the combined shipping cost, which I don't expect to be cheap.  But I think it'll still be worth it.  Can't be more than $50, since that would be the price if I just paid the shipping in full.  Hopefully the seller will contact me quickly.  He was pretty good when I contacted him asking if he did combined shipping.