Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl

(This had been a draft I had never posted, I have no idea when it was written.  I guess I wanted to add stuff, but since I vaguely even remember the movie, it probably will never be completed.  So this is all you get, even though it seems complete to me...)

With a name like Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl, you pretty much get what you expect, albeit with a few twists along the way.  The movie was a pretty wild ride.  Deep down the plot is actually kind of decent, but there are a few moments that are just... I don't know... out there.  Bizarre.  It should be noted that the film not particularly horror, just gory as hell.  Gallons of blood is spilled throughout the movie in comedic fashion.

The film opens up with a boy and a seemingly sickly girl who get accosted by three girls who can basically be summed up as Frankenstein monsters.  One of the Frankenstein girl's kicks the boy out of the way, and the goes for the sickly girl, who reveals that she is titular Vampire girl as she bites the neck of the first Frankenstein girl.  An overly violent battle ensues.  As Vampire girl is about to finish off the third Frankenstein girl, the music changes to some bubblegum j-pop music that doesn't quite fit the scene, and the opening credits start to play.  This pretty much sets the feel for the movie.  Exaggerated violence, mixed with unfitting happy music.

** There is really no way to give a synopsis of the movie without spoiling it (so don't read past here I guess?)**

The first scene of the movie is pretty much actually the last scene.  After the opening credits the rest of the movie is a told from the perspective of Jyugon, the boy from the opening scene.  His whole life changes on Valentines day.  In Japanese culture, a girl gives chocolate to the boy she likes.  Monami, aka Vampire girl, gives Jyugon homemade chocolate.  Jyugon already has a girlfriend, Keiko who is part of the Gothic Lolita subculture.  She is also the spoiled rotten daughter of the vice-principle.  She more or less forced Jyugon to be her boyfriend.  Monami gives Jyugon the choclate and runs off.  Jyugon eats the choclate and pretty much starts tripping out.  Turns out the chocolate was made with Monami's blood, which turns Jyugon into a half-vampire.  Eventually Keiko finds out about Monami and Jyugon, and learns that Monami is a vampire.  In a confrontation Keiko falls off the top floor of the school and dies.  She is later turned into Frankenstein Girl.

Not only is Monami a vampire, she can also manipulate blood.  In a battle scene she is cut on the arms, but can harden the blood into swords which are her main attacks.

The Frankenstein Girl is pretty weird.  She really is a Frankenstein monster, patched together from various students.  The most bizarre feature is the two arms sewn together which she can wield as a boomerang, or she can screw it into her head and use it as a propeller and fly.

What I found weird was that the character Igor was actually a servant of Monami the vampire, rather than Frankenstein.  In fact Igor actually fights the man who makes Frankenstein girl, clad in armor made from bones.

This movie is not for everyone.  It is very gorey, with blood spurting everywhere.  If the film were to take itself seriously, it does have a decent plot.

Dream about Vindictus

I've been playing a lot of Vindictus lately, something about two weeks ago I never would have thought I'd be doing.  I typically hate MMO's, but theres something about this one.

Anyhow, the dream:

I guess I was some big important noble type guy or something.  I don't think I was a specific class in Vindictus..  I was defending a castle against hordes of Gnolls.  The gnolls hadn't reached the castle gates yet.  There were quite a few other characters, but I mainly remember there were quite a few Evies.  We were all in a tower of the castle, which is very similar to the Golgotha Assault map from Unreal Tournament '99.  The Evies were hurling ice spears and fireballs as the Gnolls climbed the hill to essentially where the first spawn location would be (in UT terms).  I was using a crossbow, which as far as I'm aware, is not possible in Vindictus at the time of this writing.  At first I had no bolts and was using regular arrows, but because of that, my aim was really off, and I couldn't hit any of the gnolls.  The gnolls were also firing back with bows and one hit a guard using a real bow, so I took his weapon and was finally able to hit the gnolls.

Unfortunately by this time the gnolls had infiltrated the castle and were coming down one of the hall ways.  We made a strategic retreat back into the main hall.  We barricaded the main doors with anything we had, which wasn't particularly much.  We even used a few of our dead allies.  Unfortunately there were some of the jelly blob monsters, and they were able to squeeze through the cracks of the door and enter the main hall.  The Fiona's and Lann's began attacked the blobs as they came in, but I yelled "No!  We have to kick them to get a title!"  So we all started kicking the blobs to death.  But one of the Evies made a mana-bomb too clse to the barricaded door, which exploded, and destroyed the barricade, and additionally the door itself.  The gnolls tried to rush in, but the mana-bomb weakened the floorboard which collapsed as they came in.  Some of our team jumped down there to take care of the monsters.  I stayed up top with a few other party members, as more gnolls kept coming and they all jumped over the hole in the floor to where we were.

We fought off the gnolls for quite some time without much trouble.  There were enough debris for the Evies to make healing ergs from.  After awhile, two gnoll leaders came in and leapt at us.  (In Vindictus terms, I guess they would have been Veteran Gnoll Captains.  They were NOT chieftains.).  The main hall we were fighting in really wasn't that large, and so fighting two large gnolls in close corners proved to be very difficult. Fiona was tanking the gnolls with her shield while the rest of us attacked from the rear.  The Evies repeatedly slammed Ice Blast at them, and I went in using a smash combo, and backed out quickly before they decided to attack me instead of Fiona.  It worked for awhile, but one caught on and attacked one of the Evies, smashing her upside the head with its large club.  She went down for the count.  There was a column in the hall, which I used for cover to regain stamina.  The gnoll didn't see where I was, so I doubled around the column and attacked its backside.  Fiona started to go on the offensive attacking the one gnolls that stayed focused on her.  I tried to stay behind the column to confuse the gnoll that I was fighting to keep it from killing the other Evie.  The captain I was fighting fell quickly between my attacks and Evie's.  Once it was down we helped Fiona and quickly fell her adversary.

And thats where the dream ends.  Its kind of weird that a dream actually had an ending, to be honest.  Usually I wake up somewhere in the middle of the big events of the dream.