Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Hmm, now that I figured out my email problem, that was a pain in the butt...  Apparently I didn't use my standard issue password at the time when I created my account so it kept saying I typed in the wrong password.  Well actually I didn't even realize I had a created a gmail account a while back, so I tried signing up and it said my desired username was already taken, and since I highly doubted that someone had already taken my name, I decided to try and log in.  I used every variation of my usual passwords, even thinking maybe I typed it in wrong so I purposefully misspelled the password hoping it would find it.  After I tried everything I used the "I forgot my password" button, and was able to reset the password, only I was stupid and wasn't paying attention to what I typed, so as I tried to sign in, I had the same problem.  And since I had already changed the password it wouldn't let me reset it again until 5 days later.  Well,  found the password finally, it was a misspelling because my MacBook Pro's keyboard usually misses the first letter when you start typing.  Its weird like that.  Anyways, I changed the password to what it *SHOULD* be.  And here I am.  

Alright down to business.  I am Talentless Troll.  This is one of my Blogs.  Well, its the first blog.  It's mainly gonna be about videogames and anime.  I want to point out right off the bat that I am *NOT* an Otaku.  I just like Anime and Videogames, and I sometimes go to the occasional convention.  I'll write a few reviews, but they won't really go in depth, just kind of how I felt about the anime/game.  There may be spoilers, though I will warn ahead of time if that post has spoilers.  Just read at your own risk.  Mainly I'll just post what I'm watching/playing and my feelings towards it.   I hate how blogs update backwards though, with the newest post on top so no one is gonna read this post once I have many posts made.  Oh well, such is the way...

Talentless Troll signing out.

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