Sunday, 31 January 2010

What's your favourite game evar (tm)?

Got this question in my account. My sister persuaded me to post in on my blog as it is wall-of-text-y. I've changed it from the original post, so its easier to read (ie pictures! click to enlarge any image). My elaborately thought out answer:

Thats actually quite a hard question to answer... A whole bunch of titles immediately popped into my mind. I was trying to figure out which was my all time favorite. A few of the games were in the Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Zelda series, but really if I said one of those, thats really a cop-out answer. After sifting through my brain, I'm left with three contenders: Romancing SaGa 3, Der Langrisser, and Master of Magic.

RS3 Title        RS3 Battle

Now for Romancing SaGa 3, I love the game, its at least my favorite game in the series. And while I do enjoy it and there is quite a bit of replayability, I honestly use the same party over and over again. And the story is generally the same each play through because of that. So I guess, this shouldn't be my favorite game "evar."

Der Langrisser Title       Der Langrisser Battle       Der Langrisser Field

Der Langrisser is another great game. No one's really heard of it. The game is notable for its art, which was done by Satoshi Urushihara, as well as its music which was composed by Noriyuki Iwadare. Its a Tactical RPG, and the one that's my favorite is the one of the SNES. Its apparently been remade/ported to other systems, but I've never tried them, and they probably haven't been translated. Der Langrisser is either the second or third in the series, I can't remember which. But as for its standing in being my favorite game ever? Eh, I do like the game, but honestly I've never finished it. My file's been corrupted twice. And one time I chose an option which ended up with half the team leaving, and I accidentally press save instead of load. Not to mention at the time, the game was only partially translated, and choosing that option lead to the portion that wasn't translated. Anyways, I don't think I can call a game I never finished my favorite game ever.

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So that leaves me with Master of Magic. MoM is an old game. It runs in DOS, so to run it I need to use an emulator. It can be compared to Civilization, but honestly, I've played Civilization and hated it. I think Lords of Magic should be what its compared to. There's more similarities between those two. Anyways, its a turn based strategy game. Its got a random map generator, and like 15 different enemy wizards with different temperaments. The game has high replay value. This game probably most deserves the spot of best game ever. There is just so much customization that you'll never truly have the same gameplay experience twice. Its a classic game, and quite frankly more people need to hear about it and play. Sure its dated. I mean it was a friggin' DOS game, of course its old. But its still probably the funnest strategy game I've ever played.

I know you were looking for a one-word answer, and you got a wall-of-text, but honestly your question was kind of hard, and I had to think it through. There you have it.


Master of Magic for DOS.

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