Friday, 23 July 2010

MetroCon 2010 - Day 1

Didn't stay too long at MetroCon today. Got there about 1pm and left at about 4. As a result there aren't too many pictures. 8 pictures in fact...

Dunno who these are supposed to be, but they looked pretty cool.

Howl and the girl (whatever her name was) from Howl's Moving Castle. This was the first Howl cosplay I think I've ever seen. Not five minutes later I saw another Howl, but it wasn't nearly as good.

Tidus, Auron, and Lulu(?) from Final Fantasy 10. Probably the best cosplay I've seen of each of them. There was another Tidus that I saw that had better hair, but his costume was not too good.

Gau from Final Fantasy 6 and some girl who was with him/her. I only saw the girl's backside when I asked for the picture and thought that she was cosplaying as someone.

Kid Link! Literally.

Random Pirate? My sister thought the hat was cool and made me take a picture.

Slayers characters. I don't know their names cause I still haven't watched the anime yet. Its on my to-do list.

So yeah, thats it. We're gonna stay longer tomorrow, so hopefully there will be more pictures.

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Mika said...

Thanks for the picture~ I was the one to the right in the Slayers characters and my characters name was Lina Inverse. The other is Amelia :D